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We are quickly approaching the end of the year and 2019 is on the horizon. As we go into the new year, there will no doubt be more changes in the landscape of how you market to your customers. Here at Lintons Printers, we aim to keep in touch with the newest trends as well as maintaining a focus on the traditional forms of print that people rely on so heavily. In This blog we are going to share some of the physical marketing ideas that we think will be big in 2019!


If you are a business who offers a service which aims to produce results for your customers, reports are a perfect way to provide evidence and information effectively. Many companies opt to simply tell their customers that the results are good but how can they truly know without having something to prove it. By having us print a full report out for you, it means that you can show people exactly why they should continue using your services.


After the stress that GDPR has caused many people when sending out online newsletters, a lot of companies have been put off sending out these types of emails. We can print out your newsletter so that you can send it in the post or hand deliver it to your customers whilst staying compliant. In this modern world of everything being online, your customers are likely to appreciate a newsletter delivered in this way.


If you want a way to update your customers whilst keeping them interested and entertaining them, starting up your business’ very own magazine is a perfect way to do so. You can include a range of content which ranges from information which sells your service to quizzes and games to add the bit of fun needed to make your magazine engaging. Why not have us print your magazine and then deliver it straight to the doors of your customers.

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