We have worked in the printing industry for over 150 years, so have a wealth of knowledge and eye for detail within the industry have seen many changes in trends over the years. In this blog we will discuss the three predictions for the print trends of 2020, that are set to be big next year.

QR Codes

After a staggered introduction to the world of media QR codes are becoming more and more prominent with our everyday lives. When Apple added support for QR Code scanning in its iOS 11 update the fire of this once promising piece of technology was reignited again. QR Codes can consequently be scanned using the camera app on Apple products. We predict that newspapers and other print products such as leaflets will begin to integrate them into their products again acting as callbacks to their social media pages increasing brand exposure to their audience and advertising on multiple platforms.

Coupon Codes

Statistics show that 90% of customers use coupons in one way or another. 2019 has seen a dramatic rise in eCoupons, also known as electronic coupons. They encourage people to go online and use the businesses websites increasing brand exposure to customers. The products are eco friendly and easy to understand, having coupon codes within your printing services persuades people to go online and to purchase the print products allowing them to get the codes.

Printed Newsletters

Print is one of the oldest forms of Marketing however 2020 could see the rise in printed newsletters again. They can act as a great compliment to online promotions and can stand out to the recipient unlike online newsletters. A newsletter can grab the attention of customers while disconnecting them from the congested world of social media. Print is enjoying a resurgence due to the rise of digital marketing; people feel refreshed when they unplug from the online world. With an increasing amount of issues coming to the surface with social media our prediction is that print newsletters will make a triumphant return to the mainstream next year.

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