Posters are a form of advertising that has been used as far back as people remember marketing being in existence. What better way to reach a large audience in a simple and effective way, than through the use of posters. Posters can work brilliantly if they are created in the right way, while if designed poorly, people are likely to walk straight past. In this blog we are going to be sharing our tips for creating a poster that will catch anyone’s eye.

Less Is More

With any poster, you should have a clear message that you are trying to present to people who view it. This main message can be easily lost if there is too much text or imagery cluttering the page, so it is important to get the balance right. If you have a good slogan or sentence that delivers your message well, we would say that there is not much else in terms of text that needs to fill the page. As long as you have contact details and a clear message, your poster should be able to do it’s intended job. It is vital to remember that if you want people to take notice, less is more!

Use of Colour

As we have actually mentioned in a previous blog of ours, colour can be everything when attempting to communicate a certain feeling with any marketing material. With posters it can actually be even more important though. If you want people to stop and take notice of your poster, bright colours throughout the page can ensure people can’t help but pay attention!

Go for the 3D Look

If you are using text and colour in the correct way, a great technique for enhancing their effect within the design is the use of layering. If you use your design software to have a play around with layering, you can add extra depth and dimension. This use of layering can create a great attention-grabbing 3D visual, which will make your poster jump out at people as they view it.

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