Print Marketing

Firstly, what is print marketing? Print marketing is a type of strategy which helps a business to promote their products and services. There are multiple ways that you can market to your audience. You can use leaflets, newsletters, magazines, booklets and much more. When using print marketing you must place your print materials in places where your customers are most likely to see them and engage with them.

Creating a print strategy that is right for your business

When you are creating a printing plan for your business, consider the budget and how frequently you think you will need the print materials.

  • What is your budget?
  • How many pieces of the print will you require?
  • Are you going to be sending out print as well as emailing or using an online platform?
  • Will your print edition need any extras such as binding or die cutting that you need to allow for?
These are all necessary and important questions to ask yourself when you are creating this plan and they can have an impact on your budget.

Quite often when you have found a trusted supplier, they will keep your files on record so all you need to do is just place a repeat order for many items.

Think about what format will be best for your customers. Do you have hundreds of products to sell? If so a catalogue might be what is best. Or if you provide services then a leaflet or brochure would be more beneficial to you.

Create a message that stands out and will draw your customers attention in. Use an incentive, give them a discount or some kind of offer, this gives people more of a reason to buy. And also create a design that reflects your brand and also sets you apart from the competition.

Once you have a design ready to go, talk to your printer. See what they think about the design and images you have chosen as they will give you their professional opinion of how it will turn out.

The team at Lintons Printers are here to work with you and print all of your print material, from small quantities to large. We printing services such as flyers, NCR Pads, business cards and more. Call our team on 01388 762197.