On a daily basis we work with businesses, printing out a range of materials for them, from leaflets to business cards, we do it all! One thing that we notice is how varied the different colours used in designs are. A lot of people don’t realise the meanings and connotations behind certain colours, but this can be an important factor to consider when deciding on your branding. In this blog we are going to take you through the psychology behind colours and how people use this in marketing.


According to scientific research, yellow is the happiest colour on the colour spectrum. This colour is perfect to use if you want to create a sense of positivity and optimism with your customers. A perfect example of a large chain using yellow in their branding is Mcdonalds. They have always had a varied target market, so by using a colour that represents happiness, they can appeal to everyone! Orange is another colour that has positive connotations, being the colour that represents friendliness. Huge organisations including Fanta and Nickelodeon use orange to fit into their cheerful approach to marketing.


The colour blue tends to be used by businesses to give off a trusting feel. A range of companies take this approach, including Facebook, Ford and Dell. These companies are known for being the reliable option in their field. If you want to ensure people are trusting of your business, Blue is the perfect colour choice for your branding.


Out of all of the colours on the spectrum, the connotations of Green are possibly the most obvious. Green is regularly used to give customers the impression that a business relates to health, growth or nature. If you want it to be easily noticeable that your company promotes one of these areas, Green is the colour for you! Perfect examples are Land Rover and Tropicana. A big target audience of Land Rover’s is people in the countryside, while Tropicana are known for their product being organic.

These are just a few of the colours that you could possibly use in different ways to promote your brand, and the examples that we’ve stated show how important colour can be in marketing for companies across the world.

At Lintons Printers, we produce marketing materials for businesses every single day and we see how integral the various elements of design can be to a brand’s success.

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