Starting up a new business takes a lot of hard work and actually getting your name out there can be a tricky task. Whilst a great deal of promoting your brand will be done via the internet, print can undoubtedly play a huge role in the success of any company. In this blog we are going to be discussing some of the key print materials which you’ll need in order to do well in the first stages of your new small business’ venture.

Business Cards

A lot of new businesses start off with just one person, which means the power of business cards can be truly incredible. If you get business cards printed which include simple contact details and information about what you do, these can be passed around with ease. You’ll be able to make sure everyone you meet has a way to get in touch with you in future.


Letterheads provide a brilliant way of making sure your business appears more professional to anyone receiving letters or official documents from you. A simple, classy design with your logo and branding included can really go a long way in giving your potential clients a good first impression of you.


If you want to push the boat out in order to inform people about the services your new business has to offer, you should consider having leaflets printed. This marketing method is one which enables people to read large amounts of information about your business all in one place, highly increasing their interest. Leaflets can be handed out, left in shops for people to pick up or even posted to homes of anyone requesting more information.

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