When it comes to print advertising through posters and leaflets, grabbing someone’s attention can be the simple part. Through the use of stand out images and bright colours you can turn someone’s head but the difficulty can be in keeping them focused on the marketing material. In order to keep people reading on it takes a great deal of thought. In this blog we are going to be offering some top tips on how to maintain the attention of your audience.

Interesting Content

Whilst you may place a large emphasis on creating eye catching visuals for your marketing materials, the actual content can really make all the difference. If your leaflet has uninspiring text, people are much more likely to put it down. You should include interesting content which people will actually enjoy reading. Any information given should be as straight to the point as possible so that in just a few minutes your reader has all the information they need.

Limit Large Bodies of Text

When someone opens a leaflet the last thing they want is to see huge quantities of text. This will make reading the information seem like a chore and they will simply not bother. You should limit the use of large bodies of text, instead using images in between paragraphs. This will also make it easier for people with learning difficulties such as dyslexia to read the information.

Special Offers

One way to keep people interested when reading your leaflet is to surprise them with a special offer! This increases people’s excitement in what they are looking at. This method also means that they will have to come back to the leaflet in order to use their discount code.

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