Printing with Lintons is easy, safe and secure. We can guarantee high quality print materials every time with outstanding customer service. Lintons Printers was founded in 1856 and over the years we have made changes to adapt to technological trends, but our values have always remained the same. Our customers are our priority and we provide you with a quality product. In this blog we are going to discuss how our print services can give your business the advantage over your competitors.


Using the expertise we have gained over the years, we understand what works well and what doesn’t. We have over 40 years of combined printing experience in the North East. As our business has continued to grow over the last few years, we have seen massive changes in the printing market. Using our state- of-the-art printing equipment we can create the perfect products for your business that has a distinguished finish.

Graphic Design Package

It’s common knowledge that marketing materials can make or break your business. If your designs are too similar to a competitor or don’t catch your target markets eye, then your business will become lost amongst the others. However, with Lintons we offer a design package where our talented team of graphic designers can work with you on colours, branding, logo designs and other areas to ensure you have marketing material that clearly represents your business.

Our Variety Of Services

Having materials that are different from others will help draw attention to your business for all of the right reasons. We offer a wide range of printing services including: business cards, flyers, invitations, reports, programmes and more! Your customers will be keen to keep reading when they see the design of your product. Our polished designs on high quality paper and materials will help with the aesthetic of your print materials.

If you are a business in the North East who are looking for print materials to help give your business the edge, why not give Lintons a call. To find out more information about the services we offer visit our website or call us on 01388 762197.