Here at Lintons Printers we are lucky enough to own a classic printing machine from one of the most famous names in printing history. Our Heidelberg press always attracts interest and brings many questions from our customers when they drop in to see us. We thought that it was about time we delve into the history of these most famous printers, offering you a better insight into why we have such a love for it.

The Heidelberg firm was first established back in 1850 and in the years following this it became a main player in the printing industry, gaining success at a rapid rate. Within just a few years of the business’ founding, it was said to be dispatching printing presses to customers as far away as Odessa and Kherson, which at the time was no mean feat.

By 1957 the company’s reputation had grown significantly. It was in this year that one newspaper said that their machines were made at “the most modern plant operation in the printing machinery industry throughout the world.” By the year 1958 it was said that around 58,000 machines had been made.

It wasn’t until 1962, that Heidelberg started building offset printing presses. They had been loyal to the more traditional methods for decades, but technicians were finally able to convince them of the many advantages of the newer technology.

Today there are around 400,000 Heidelberg presses running in 240,000 printing companies spanning the globe. We are extremely proud to be the owners of just one of these impressive machines.

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