Newsletters are vital to many businesses as this is their way of communicating with a mass amount of people. Some businesses send out newsletters weekly, some fortnightly and others monthly. It completely depends on the nature of your business, but we would recommend staying in contact with your customers and sending them out fortnightly at least! With spending the beginning of the year in lockdown and businesses trying to reduce the risk of spreading covid-19, many people resorted to sending newsletter as it is a quick, easy and effective method of getting information to your customers.

Crisp, Clean & Simple

A clean design with lines and neutral colours will help the reader to stay focused on what the message is and get a good understanding of it. Simple visuals and soothing, neutral colours create a relaxing effect and depending on your business industry this is the type of design your customers will like. For industries such as lifestyle, therapy and coaching this style of newsletter is more likely to be beneficial to your customers than something loud and bold.

Pop Of Colour

If your brand personality is louder and you would like your message to pop you will most likely need to add a splash of colour to liven up your message and keep your brand alive. Using soft colours in the background will give a positive outlook on a newsletter form when it is first viewed by a customer, as long as it is an aesthetically pleasing colour and not too over the top. Soft colour like grey, off-white, lilac etc will be bets for background colours.

Our designers will work with you to bring all these elements together.

Be Bold

Bold sans-serif fonts will make a statement and draw your customers attention straight to the headlines and the sections you would like them to focus on. It is important to make sure that all of the important headings are in a bold font as this will sign post to customers where to read next, especially if it is something like a guide or a policy.

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