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NCR Books are a professional and efficient way of ensuring that your businesses documents and copies are kept together for record purposes. NCR stands for “No Carbon Required” which refers to paper that has been treated with a special coating and reacts to the pressure of the pen when you are writing on the paper. At Lintons, out tailored NCR printing will add a crisp look to your business’s invoices, receipts and order forms.

NCR Books are available in A5 or A4 with the option to duplicate or triplicate the pages. Similar to NCR Pads, the sets are glued together. In all NCR Books the last page of each set is stapled to the book which allows you to remove other parts when you need them. If you are frequently using NCR Pads then an NCR Book is ideal to refer to as they are kept in date order or they are individually numbered.

If your business sends out invoices, requires copies of receipts or uses contract books then an NCR Book is what your business will require. With Lintons NCR printing we can help businesses in the North East including Richmond, Darlington, Spennymoor, Sedgefield and beyond create the perfect NCR Book bespoke to your business with all relevant contact details included and your logo.

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