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A personalised compliment slip is the perfect way to show appreciation to customers as well as adding to your brand image. Compliment slip printing can be achieved quickly to meet your businesses requirements. Whether you are saying thank you for your order or making a note of information for a customer, a branded compliment slip is perfect for quick and easy notes.

At Lintons, we offer compliment slip printing to businesses throughout the North East and County Durham. Adding a personal message will help your business stand out from competitors as it shows a personal touch. If you are sending a product to a customer, a ‘Thank you for your order’ can go a long way. It may also encourage customers to order from your business again. Customers like to know they are getting a personal service, so a short-written note shows you care about their custom.

Compliment slip printing is extra easy with Lintons Printers. Any marketing materials that are printed for you are high quality showing your customers they are dealing with a professional business. Along with other stationery materials, a good design and great printing are vital for making the right impression.

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