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Create a great first impression with a crisp business card.

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At Lintons Printers we offer high-quality business card printing at competitive prices that will represent your business. With excellent customer service, easy ordering options and fast delivery we can help businesses across the North East including Durham, Middlesbrough, Richmond and other major areas.

Did you know there are 27 million business cards printed per day? With our professional designs we can create distinguished marketing materials that showcase your brand. If you already have a design that you love you can simply upload it and we will do the rest.

Creating a good first impression can be easily achieved with a Lintons Printers business card. A polished, eye-catching business card with all relevant information will help to capture customers attention and elevate your businesses presence. With a design that grabs the attention of potential customers, the information provided on the business card will remain in their mind and help the customer to remember your business. This will help with brand recognition as customers are likely to think of your business and return to purchase goods or services. On average a business card has the ability to increase sales by 2.5% every year.

Top 7 pieces of key information that should be included on a business card:

- Name (personal and business)
- Job title
- Email address
- Phone number
- Website address
- Social media usernames/ icons
- Logo/ strapline/ branding

Business cards are the perfect piece of stationery that will help ensure that your business has clear branding and stands out in an established market.

With our full design package, our graphic designers can make certain your branding is on point with all the right colours and an effective logo. Business card printing with Lintons Printers is done with ease. Simply choose your material, select whether or not you require your business card to be laminated, choose your quantity and if you would like to supply a design or not. It really is that easy with Lintons.

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